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"Crazy high replay value, Future Games Of London has delivered one of the best action games in the AppStore" - App Shack 4.5/5"This game makes me laugh the whole time I am playing." - 10/10 PERFECT!+ 5 Ships: Scout, Mustax, Hornet, Talonator and XenoClaw!+ 5 Landing Zones!+ Ship Upgrades: Speed, Shield, Crystal Attraction!+ Extra Lives!Grabatron is the latest massively addictive game from the makers of Hungry Shark.Take control of a UFO with a retractable claw and destroy the puny humans! Terrorise them anyway you like: Toss them, crush them, abduct them - its up to you.Explore a huge and varied environment with hours of action packed gameplay.* Beautiful Graphics * Realistic Physics * Huge world to explore* Over 30 different missions * Both Tilt and Touch controls availableGrabatron - where being evil has never been so much fun...
Please note that we no longer support in-app purchases on this title. This means you can no longer purchase the weapon “Missile Launcher.” Terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Check out - Brett Domino Trio: Earthquake (Labrinth Cover) ft. Grabatron
NOTE:HTC Desire, Nexus One, Galaxy Ace users: Pause and resume the game if you experience slowdown issues 5-10mins into gameplay.